Upliftment through street art

Starting end of August a street art project is being implemented throughout Ulaanbaatar’s ger districts. The Солонгон бүрхүүл or “Rainbow Cover” project’s target group are the youngest inhabitants of the ger districts and its aim is to elevate the sometimes uneasy state of mind of some of Ulaanbaatar’s youngest through lighting up local environs with colorful and […]

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Visiting Choinom

Just yesterday while visiting a local ethnographic museum in the Khentii aimag capital of Öndörkhaan (excuse my not using the name Chinggis khot) I was taken by total surprise when upon entering one of the museum halls I ended up in a section devoted to Ryenchinii Choinom – a 20th century Mongolian poet considered the godfather […]

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Subtitling Enerel

Just commited this translation of Enerel’s “Zuulun zuulun zuseech”. Composing subtitles is an interesting process that has it’s own rules somewhat different from regular lyrics’ translation. I worked with subtitling Mongolian movies and hip-hop videos before and the differences in syntax and peculiarities of colloquial speech between Mongolian and English or Polish make it a […]

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Bonn Throwback

Adding this as a post since it doesn’t fully relate to other areas of the page. Despite the information being long overdue it was and important event and I’d like to have it here somewhere.

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