Hip-hop in politics

With hip-hop culture being often highly saturated with political and social commentaries, so far I have mostly concentrated on the presence of nationalist discourse within the Mongolian hip-hop scene. There are loads of material for research and much that still needs to be said about nationalism in pop culture but in this post I’d like […]

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BBC audio documentary on Mongolian hip-hop

A recent BBC audio documentary on Mongolian hip-hop is available as a free podcast at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3cswk4s and downloadable at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06zr3tk I had the opportunity to participate in its fieldwork process in different capacities: guide, translator, specialist (haha) and artist and must admit that Alice and Dizraeli did a good job. Be sure to check it […]

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The 5th element is the answer

Тэдний мэдэхгүй зүйл (A subject unknown to them) is the second song off the Хил хязгааргүй (Borderless) EP by Gee. The mini-album includes four songs each of which is a “featuring” (i.e. features guest appearances) created in cooperation with artists from other Mongolian ethnic groups (one Inner Mongolian rapper, one Buriat rapper, one Buryat singer […]

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This blog is dedicated to introducing resources and course materials on Mongolian hip-hop. “Дуслыг хураавал далай, дуулсныг хураавал эрдэм.” “Gathering the drops makes an ocean, gathering what was sung makes knowledge.” — Mongolian proverb Hip-hop studies are a dynamically developing area of literature/culture/anthropological studies. The bulk of theory and analytical work done on American ground […]

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