Subtitling Enerel

Just commited this translation of Enerel’s “Zuulun zuulun zuseech”. Composing subtitles is an interesting process that has it’s own rules somewhat different from regular lyrics’ translation. I worked with subtitling Mongolian movies and hip-hop videos before and the differences in syntax and peculiarities of colloquial speech between Mongolian and English or Polish make it a […]

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Bonn Throwback

Adding this as a post since it doesn’t fully relate to other areas of the page. Despite the information being long overdue it was and important event and I’d like to have it here somewhere.

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Hip-hop in politics

With hip-hop culture being often highly saturated with political and social commentaries, so far I have mostly concentrated on the presence of nationalist discourse within the Mongolian hip-hop scene. There are loads of material for research and much that still needs to be said about nationalism in pop culture but in this post I’d like […]

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BBC audio documentary on Mongolian hip-hop

A recent BBC audio documentary on Mongolian hip-hop is available as a free podcast at: and downloadable at: I had the opportunity to participate in its fieldwork process in different capacities: guide, translator, specialist (haha) and artist and must admit that Alice and Dizraeli did a good job. Be sure to check it […]

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The 5th element is the answer

  Тэдний мэдэхгүй зүйл (A subject unknown to them) is the second song off the Хил хязгааргүй (Borderless) EP by Gee. The mini-album includes four songs each of which is a “featuring” (i.e. features guest appearances) created in cooperation with artists from other Mongolian ethnic groups (one Inner Mongolian rapper, one Buriat rapper, one Buryat […]

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